About me

Meet Mark Stewart

Age: 29

Profession: Urban Designer

Best Discipline:   Swimming

Worst Discipline:   Running

Why I’m Training:   For the amazing experiences

Goals for 2016 (Short Term):

  • Take part in first sprint distance triathlon
  • Begin training for olympic triathlon
  • Go sub 1:27.30 in 5km run
  • Enter and complete a 10km run in under 0:59

Goals for 2017 (Medium Term)

  • Take part in first olympic distance triathlon
  • Go sub 1.25 in Sprint Traithlon
  • Complete half marathon

Goals for 2018 (Long Term)

  • Compete in a half Iron Man
  • Enter full marathon

Goals for 2019 (Long Term)

  • Enter a full Iron Man

Current Stats

5k:   28:38

10k:   1:07 (Done 1 year ago)

Sprint Triathlon:   1:25.29