First Olympic Triathlon

I entered and finished my first Olympic distance triathlon… Yes!

Norwich triathlon cycling

A year ago I entered the Norwich sprint triathlon and got my best result of the year. On the 9th of July I took part in the same race, however, this time taking a step up to Olympic distance. I’d been struggling with a leg injury earlier in the year and was worried I might have trouble finishing the race,  however, on the day things mostly came together.

Nightmare start

I say mostly because there were a few sketchy moments. I ended up getting to the event late and had to sprint from racking to the start of the swim. Aside from starting the race slightly disoriented this didn’t seem to have too much of a negative impact as I came out of the water in 26th out of a field of 160.

Transition 1 was a bit of a joke though as in the earlier rush to get to the start, I’d left my cycling shoes in my tri-bag, on the other side of the transition area. Luckily I’d remembered to bring my bike along so it wasn’t a complete disaster.

The rest of the race

From there on it was business as usual. I’m a fairly strong swimmer, okay cyclist and terrible runner, so basically the rest of the race consisted of people overtaking me. That said, this year the only people overtaking me on the bike ride were on expensive tri-bikes which I take to mean I was mostly getting overtaken by more experienced riders… or simply single people with money to spend (that’s the bike envy coming through).

A step in the right direction

I finished the race in 2hrs 48 which is moving in the right direction, especially since my finishing time ended up being less than double my fastest sprint distance time. The aim is now to slowly build up the endurance base and hopefully stay injury free for a half Iron Man some time next year. One step closer to hearing those words. You-are-an-Iron-Man!


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