It’s Been a While!

HSBC Triathlon at Eton Dorney

I haven’t written much lately, but that’s because two holidays in short succession has turned me into a couch potato! Actually, that’s probably a little unfair. I’d decided taking a little break from exercise would good for the soul, though it’s probably been a bit of a longish break. I’d taken off about a month with very little exercise.

Well I’m back now and I’ve been thinking about what to do next. So far I’ve taken part in three sprint triathlons which have gone according to plan. They’ve gotten me more comfortable with everything that happens on race day, I feel a lot fitter and I’ve actually dropped 5kg over the last half year. They’ve also made me wonder how the hell anyone does an Ironman!

I’m currently looking for a last Sprint Triathlon of the year before winter training for Olympic distances next year. It was the Brighton and Hove triathlon which would have been good as the swim leg is in the sea. Unfortunately, you have to register the night before and I’m not staying in a hotel for a sprint distance triathlon. At the moment it’s looking like the HSBC sprint at Eton Dorney on September 18th. As my first triathlon this year was at Eton, this is gonna be a nice way to see if I’ve improved.



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