Review: ISM ADAMO Road

IMG_0771 (1)

Just got an ISM ADAMO Road Saddle in the post today and so decided to do a session to see how it felt and to make adjustments ahead of the Norwich Sprint Triathlon this weekend. As I’d said in a previous post, I’d bought this saddle having read an article in 220Triathlon on ISM seats and how they’ve have been specifically designed to address the problem of numbness in the, ahem, gentleman region. This they claim is achieved through a  design that includes a gap running along the middle saddle which in theory allows you to avoid compression of the perineum and various arteries. I’d also read a bunch of reviews from people who previously suffered from the same issue but who had bought an ISM saddle and now claim they can ride for an entire day without any numbness. Pretty fit reviewers, I know.

So with much eagerness I thought I’d do an easy hour on the turbo trainer at about z1 which as usual crept into z2 and then z3. My first impression was that the saddle is quite harsh on the sit bone, which isn’t surprising given that the diagrams on the packaging seem to suggest you’re almost supposed to hang off the edge. To be honest, you get used to this quite quickly and I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t feel any numbness for the first half hour or so. Shortly after though I began to feel a bit of discomfort and had to readjust to try with the seat further back and at more of an angle.

After about an hour of cycling the numbness was still there, though perhaps not as bad as usual. I think i’ll have to keep readjusting over a few rides before I pass judgement but initially I’d say this saddle seems better than my normal Specialized saddle but hasn’t eliminated the problem. I’ll update after a few more rides and a few more adjustments. Fingers crossed! Perhaps a proper bike fitting is the sensible option.


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