Second Sprint Triathlon: Fritton Lake

I’ve been training pretty well lately. The last few weeks have gone really well, however, I’ve been training without any race in sight which has meant I’ve felt like I’ve been working but without any short term goals.

With that in mind, today I decided I’d have a look for any upcoming events on the British Triathlon website. Coincidentally, the first one to come up is being held at Fritton Lake. A leafy course in the rolling Norfolk Countryside near to where my parents live. I entered immediately meaning I’ve now just entered my second triathlon… and this one will actually be a proper sprint triathlon rather than the first which was only a 400m swim.

Bit nervous about the run though considering how drained I felt at the end of the first triathlon!


2 thoughts on “Second Sprint Triathlon: Fritton Lake

    1. Thanks Clem. Really looking forward to it. It’s supposed to be a really nice course. Just saw that the swim is a mass start with 150 people so a bit nervous about that. Bit of a difference from the 50 person waves at my first triathlon


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