Thought I was being sent to a conference in the middle of nowhere. Turned out it’s right next to the Royal Docks, so a great opportunity for some open water swimming and probably a spot of dysentery.

I’d only had a few days to train this week and wanted to work on my endurance base since although I’m just entering sprints this year, ultimately I wanna be doing Olympic distance triathlons. The week started with a longer (for me) 7km run and an hour and a bit on the turbo trainer. For today’s swim session I’d decided, perhaps stupidly, that I’d do the 750m course. Previously I’d only swam 400m in open water, but thought, he who dares and all that jazz. To be honest, I didn’t think it would be an issue since wetsuits are so buoyant and since there are always people in kayaks scanning for drowned bodies of overly ambitious swimmers.

The swim actually went great. The middle course is 750m but I must have diverged quite a bit as I ended up doing 950m in about 15.30. I followed that up with the shorter 400m course in 6.40 for good measure.

Looking forward to entering a proper sprint triathlon now that I’m sure the 750m swim won’t be a problem and also looking forward to trying out the 1500m course although maybe after a bit more training!



2 thoughts on “Open Water Challenge

    1. Thanks Phil. Hoping to start doing Olympic distance triathlons next year. To be honest building up distance isn’t really the issue, particularly with a wetsuit that’s quite buoyant. It’s more a case of doing it well.


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